Mr. 4th

Allen Webster

My Cause

Computation is my passion, creating computation, studying it, enjoying it, and sharing its delights with others, but it also has a dark side. In the modern era there are serious reasons to be frustrated with computing, and even fearful of it. Not everyone will be as fortunate as I am to enjoy a high level of computer literacy. Many will be left vulnerable to it's dark side, with little recourse to protect their freedom and happiness.
Those in a position like mine have a choice to make. What will we do with our access to this powerful resource? Will we hoard it up and perfect it for ourselves? Or will we make the positive side of computation available to everyone? I am a humanist, so for me the choice is easy. I will do everything I can to encourage literacy of computation, to advance our understanding of computation, and to create defenses against the dark aspects of computation.

Mr. 4th Posts

I make posts about the state of computation, technical topics, projects and announcements. You can check them out here: Posts
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Mr. 4th Programming Videos

I am creating a codebase and documenting each step of my process. The videos are edited and curated to balance being thorough and making good use of the viewer's time.
You can follow the videos on YouTube or download and watch them ad free on Vimeo.

Mr. 4th's Alternatives

It is important that we spread the word when we discover useful alternative technologies that protect us from the dark side of computation. That's why I have a page dedicated to the topic of alternatives.

Mr. 4th's Friends

Other people around the web who are doing important work to promote higher quality computing, human oriented computing, and other good things.
Ryan Fleury writes excellent blog posts ranging from his technical experience building beautiful and simple UIs, to the topic of political rights and computing. Ryan and I worked together on the Dion Systems projects.
Abner Coimbre works as a full time community organizer through his conferences, and his live interviews. He is the organizer originally responsible for bringing together the Handmade Network.