May 3rd 2021

the code

It's a little weird to publish a personal codebase. The whole idea of something like this codebase is to act as the workspace that I setup for myself, where I can work on my projects. It's not demonstrating a big idea. It doesn't contain the description of a useful application. It's not an encapsulated solution to a reoccuring problem. It's a lot more like a space cleared out in my garage. I have it equipped with the tools I tend to use, and some common building blocks for my work.

I generally encourage everyone to build and use their own codebase. But I share my codebase so that anyone can read and learn about the techniques and strategies I am using. If you do end up forking this code, make sure to make it your own as you go!

The personal codebase approach suits me well and I still build on this one for most of my ongoing projects at the lab.

This codebase is also the one that I developed in my original video series on the subject.